Saturday, August 23, 2008

Music In me.

This is a song that I really like!! I'm very proud to represents "The Reggal8" -Heartaches. pLease do listen this song..!!!

This Band is very close to mine. They are my friends who always make me laugh even it's so corny but for me so sensible."Hi to ephan, drew, jhamuz, jason and the rest. I missing you guys!!keep up the good job! Even if you never play together but I'm still hoping and pray for you guys!!"


"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy,like art.. It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival"

This is the lyrics:

HeartAches- composed by ANDREW

Don't you ever hide~
Those feelings that you're keeping inside~

[Intro Sound]

Verse I:
I sent you this letter
So that you will know
Hope sooner or later
Might something will grow

As I was expecting
That you will say something
But you were pretending
That you do know nothing

Because you turn your way when im your way
Im hinting something, hope you'll say
If you got the message of my heart~


So don't you ever I hide

Those feeling that you're keeping inside

So don't you ever fake
Those feelings that giving me heartAches~

Ooh ooh, oooh, di ri pa pa pa pa di ri dum

Verse 2:
I asked a friend of yours
If for you im okay
She said that you often
Kept talking about me

You know that I am so confused
And I don't know what's up to you
You know all that I wanted
Is a YES or a NO










Life is in your hands.Don't give up dude!

The Me Hidden Within© By Michael A. SaundersThis season is the time for happiness and cheer,But look through my eyes and you will see a tear.The words that I speak are never to be heard,And all I want from you is your promising word.No one ever listens to a word that I say,All I need is for someone to point me into the traveling way.Having no one to talk to makes the anger build within,So I think hard and loud knowing I need to raise my chin.I fight with myself all the time,Wanting to do something but knowing it's a crime.I just want all this anger within me to just come out,I have this huge urge just to shout.I just want to release the real me from being hidden within,Sometimes I think all the things I do are a sin.Please help release the me hidden within.